Sunshadow Slippers Collection

Project Description

Sizing in centimetres. Best way to measure foot for Sunshadow Slippers:

  • STANDING on paper with biggest foot
  • Mark toe and heel
  • Measure in centimetres
  • ADD 1cm

2018 price brackets:

Size 12cm – 22cm : $50.00

Size 23cm – 29cm : $60.00


Please choose COLOUR  and INQUIRE about available designs

Sunset Orange:   Bird, Gecko, Kangaroo, Dragon Fly
Forest Green:   Platypus, Frog, Owl, Possum
Sunset Pink:   Hearts, Frangipani, Butterfly
Ocean Blue:   Fish, Turtle, Dolphin, Seahorse

Shipping: from $5

Order: or 0414 258 789